REVIEW: Before We Met – Lucie Whitehouse

I don’t really read thrillers – not knowingly. They were and have long been in the realms of things-too-scary-for-Katherine-to-handle, but before we met [sic] had a really pretty cover and was on Buy One Get One Half Price at Waterstones, so it seemed rude not to.

Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse

Ladies love exploding flowers…

So the rough premise is that Hannah Reilly, a commitment-phobe, meets the handsome and wealthy Mark. After a whirlwind romance they marry and settle down in London. She struggles to find a job while he’s flying all over the world working on a big company takeover thing, but none of that matters, because love conquers all!

Until one night, Mark misses his flight home to London. Hannah investigates, at first tentatively and then with more vigour and tenacity as it becomes clear that Mark is hiding A BIG SECRET from her. And really, how can you ever know what someone was like before you met them?

For example, OH doesn't know about my brief fling with a certain high profile celebrity.

For example, OH doesn’t know about my brief fling with a certain high profile celebrity.

As a person who is both suggestible and prone to anxiety,

I was concerned that reading this would cause me to go on a paranoid rampage through all of OH’s things, leading ultimately to the destruction of our relationship. Not because he was hiding A BIG SECRET, but because I had gone on a paranoid rampage through his things.

And perhaps I would have, suggestible as I am, were it not for one thing. When I was dating, I Googled* everyone before I met them. This has always struck me as sensible, because people are scary. Perhaps particularly when you are a single woman living alone. But whenever I’ve spoken to any of my female friends about this, they’ve acted like I was weird for doing it. I worried I was, but now I can wave Before We Met in their faces, as a manifesto for pre-date Googling*.

Considering reading this book but worried you haven’t Googled* your partner? DO IT NOW. I’LL WAIT.

Now, aren’t you glad you know for sure that there’s nothing to worry about? I wonder how many women broke off from reading this book to do exactly that.

I highly recommend Before We Met. It’s edge of your seat stuff, and I only had to read it in two sittings because the first was on my lunch break at day job. For some reason they frown on me taking more than an hour.

Also, it’s always nice to have Wakefield Prison given a shout out in literature, as the most horrible prison in the country with the most awful people in it. Good to see my home town getting some press that isn’t relating to Black Lace.

That’s what we’re famous for in Wakefield. Housing serial killers and Agadoo.

So I think I’m going to read more thrillers now. Even though this is very clearly marketed as a LADY thriller, with quotes from Cosmo and ASOS on, complementing the exploding rose on the front. Perhaps I couldn’t handle one of those thrillers with a dark-grey hue and featuring exposed brickwork and the silhouette of a man with a gun. Who can say?

Are there any thrillers (lady or otherwise) you’d recommend? Let me know in the comments! I’m already two books in to my TBR pile, so looking to stock up again…

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