The Review

The Review is the first book in The Liberty Troupe Trilogy, set in Leeds in 1814.

Evelyn Thompson isn’t much of an actor, but she’s an expert at keeping a stiff upper lip.

When The Liberty Troupe are asked to perform for the Duke of Wellington, it seems like the chance of a lifetime. Their last production was a disaster, but with The Yorkshire Advocate covering everything from preparations to performance, a good review could mean big things for the troupe.

But the pressure puts a strain on the players’ already fragile relationships. Evelyn is struggling to stay on civil terms with her alcoholic mother, and her artist father seems to have picked up a troublesome commission. Then there’s the reporter who’s been assigned to the story – he’s terribly handsome, but he’s asking some strange questions…

As opening night looms, pretending everything is going well won’t be enough.

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The Governess

The Governess is the second book in The Liberty Troupe Trilogy.

You don’t choose your family. Sometimes a family can choose you.

When Evelyn Thompson’s father is murdered, her life falls apart. When it looks like her mother is the culprit, it seems impossible to pick up the pieces.

Bent on revenge, Evelyn applies for the position of governess at the home of Brendan Fitzroy, her mother’s lover. In spite of her lack of qualifications, she is taken on for a two week trial. As she meets more members of the Fitzroy family, it looks like Evelyn isn’t the only one with an ulterior motive.

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The Advocate

The Advocate is the third book in The Liberty Troupe Trilogy.


In this, the final instalment of the Liberty Troupe Trilogy, Evelyn must battle with more than just her conscience as she discovers the line between right and wrong is more blurred than she thought.

They’re already calling her a murderess, and with no way to prove her innocence, Evelyn Thompson might as well become just that

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His Wicked Shadow

When the elderly and wheelchair-bound Earl of Lincoln is found unconscious in the rain, nobody can understand how he got there. Seven years later, his son falls to his death amid rumours of madness. Aged just 19, James Elliot is forced to shoulder the burden of the title, and all it carries with it.

Elinor Montague has been in love with James since they were both children. She helped him as he mourned his father and grandfather, and if he occasionally acted a little strangely, she was prepared to ignore it. After a few glasses of champagne at a masked ball, things heat up between Ellie and James, and she’s convinced it’s love. He, on the other hand, runs off to Europe the following day and doesn’t come back for two years.

When James tries to woo the newly wealthy Ellie on his return, a string of strange accidents begin to befall them both. While she tries to remain aloof, Ellie finds herself drawn to James once more, but refuses to give in until she finds out what he’s hiding– and solves the mystery of the shadow that has hung over his life.

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An Unnatural Daughter

Fleur Mason and her father have never been close.

At his request she marries Gabriel Raynor, but after only three days she flees her new home, leaving her husband for dead. Taken in by Edwina and Tristan Lovett, Fleur finds happiness with the family she always wished for, until her father staggers back into her life. He’s been badly beaten, and pleads for her to return to her marital home, where a scarred Gabriel awaits, seeking vengeance.

The cost of Gabriel’s forgiveness is one life, Fleur’s or her father’s.
Now Fleur must decide who will pay.

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