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I’ve been thinking for a while about how to start this blog off. It seems wise to just start with an introduction, so we can get to know one another, and figure out what’s going on here. Murder and Manners!? What the hell!?

Hi, I’m Katherine.

When I was little, I was scared of everything. If anything was remotely frightening, I was traumatised, unable to sleep for days. I’d make myself sick with it, with everything from shadows to moths to bad vibes to… well, pick a thing that isn’t pink fluffy cats, and I was probably scared of that too. I was squeamish to the point where I couldn’t even hear about someone cutting their finger without having to leave the room. But as I got older it became necessary to toughen up a little bit and, like Batman, I realised that to conquer fear, I must become fear itself. I didn’t watch Batman, though. Too scary.

So I started forcing myself to face my fear. I read to the end of the scary books, made myself turn off the night light. I read and watched things which were a little bit grosser than I thought I could handle, just so I knew that I could, and didn’t need to be frightened any more.

It took a long time.

I realised that fiction, for all that some of it might scare me, was a safe place. Allowing myself to be scared by things – things which aren’t even scary, really – was quite fun. Because it wasn’t real, it just felt real for a little while.

I discovered historical romance in my late teens, and the more Gothic they were, the better. I ended up finding that if there wasn’t any death in a book at all, I couldn’t believe it. This was history – people were dying all the time! Then I started writing books, and found that if they weren’t just a little bit murdery, a little bit deathy, I wasn’t interested in writing them.

I’m still scared of lots of things. I won’t read or watch horror, for example. Then there’s the anxiety which stops me talking to people easily, the perpetual fear that I’ve offended friends, strangers, or the fear that if I don’t say “take care”, before my boyfriend leaves for work, that he won’t take care and therefore die. The nagging feeling that I will inadvertently start a train of events leading to the end of humanity as we know it, and the dawn of the age of moths. I’m also still scared of moths. But historical fiction and things which are, for want of a better term, “deathy” no longer give me sleepless nights. They fascinate me.

I’ve written five books to date, and each one has had more murder than the last. Given my next series will be set in a mortuary, that trend seems set to continue!

I’ve set this blog up as a place to share the cool things I find out when I’m doing research, some awesome historical fiction I love, and hopefully to meet people who are just as into this stuff as I am.

So, welcome. Whether you’re a devotee of Christie or a die-hard Bones fanatic, hopefully there’ll be something for you here.