No books here, but a personal post today.

Apparently I’m now nearly thirty, which means I have to do all the things I’ve previously thought of as “grown-up stuff”. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been masquerading as a fully-fledged adult for some time now, and when forced, I do the things other adults apparently do.

Taxes… bills… rent… working… partaking of alcohol…

2016-07-14 11.16.43

The fun stuff. Not the really big proper things.

Buying a house, getting married, reproducing…

But as thirty looms, life has decided I need to also do some of the REALLY BIG PROPER ADULT THINGS. Not all of them. I mean, come on. But I am hitting two of the big three in the next 200 days, which is both exciting and extremely scary.

We’re in the process of buying a house, and if that wasn’t enough, last month OH proposed. 

We’ve decided not to hang about waiting to get married because buying and decorating a house isn’t enough to do at one time. We’re also starting work on a new venture, and we both have full time jobs.

With that in mind, I’ve been considering the future of this site. Reading and reviewing a book takes me approx 5 hours a week, which doesn’t sound that much, but that’s only if the book I read is appropriate for the site. It’s a big commitment but it’s one I enjoy. Since starting this site I’ve discovered new authors and found books I loved which I wouldn’t necessarily have picked up before. It encourages me to read a lot more, and it’s a really fun thing to do.

So I’m not shutting it down. I considered it, but no. I am going to have to dial back on posts for the foreseeable future, so it may be quite sporadic and certainly not every week.

If you do have any recommendations for books I’d love to hear them, and if you’d be interested in guest posting, for goodness sake please drop me a line using any of the links on the top right on the page!